Full HD Videos

Deutscher Voltigierpokal Niebüll 2017 - HD

USB-Sticks + HDDs


Here you can order my Videos of German Vaulting Cup Niebüll 2017 in Full HD.
The Videos are H.264 MOV (1920x1080) and can be watched on all Smartphones, Tablets, Smart-TVs and Computers.


As the files are very large, I prefer to send the videos by shipping on a USB Harddrive or USB Flash-Disk.

Please count the sizes in Gigabyte for your selected packages and add a USB Flash-Drive or a USB Harddisk that is large enough to store your selected videos.
You can also send me a USB-Harddisk by post which I send you back with the videos.


Please do not order by Download unless you contacted me first.


Name of Package Amount
of Videos
in GB
Special offer - ALL HD Videos 222 255 GB
Gruppen Pflicht + Kür Abteilung 1 28 32 GB
Gruppen Pflicht + Kür Abteilung 2 37 40 GB
Gruppen Pflicht + Kür Abteilung 3 36 40 GB
Gruppen Pflicht + Kür Finale 66 75 GB
Doppelvoltigieren Durchgang 1+2 52 28 GB
Siegerehrungen + Pferdeehrung 3 41 GB


The Videos are for Home and Domestic use only.
For commercial use please contact me first.