Full HD Videos 2018

Here you can order my edited Videos in Full HD Quality.
The Videos are H.264 MOV (1920x1080) and can be watched on all Smartphones, Tablets, Smart-TVs and Computers.
All Videos contain chapters to navigate to each individual scene, but only a few Smart TVs recognize chapters in MOV-Videos. On Computers, Smartphones or Tablets you can use the "VLC Player" to play the videos, VLC Player fully supports the chapters.

Here you can download a sample of my Videos in HD-Quality (ZIP-File)

Instructions for playing my HD-Videos: English - Deutsch


When ordering please choose if you want to get the videos by download or if you want to get them on a USB Flash-Drive or USB Harddisk.
Please count the sizes in Gigabyte for your selected Videos and add a USB Flash-Drive or a USB Harddisk that is large enough to store your selected videos.

You can also send me a USB-Harddisk by post which I send you back with the videos.