International Brussels Cup 2017 - HD

International Brussels Cup 2017 - HD

Way of Delivery


The Videos of International Brussels Cup 2017 contain the complete competition of all categories.
Also the Medal Ceremonies and Demonstrations have been filmed and are in the Videos.

All Videos are also availlable in Video-DVD Quality here

There are 4 Videos of the whole event:

Video-1: B-2006-2009

All Around B-2006, B-2007, B-2008, B-2009

Runtime: 146 Minutes.

Video-2: B-2001-2005, A-2009

All Around B-2001, B-2002-2003
B-2004, B-2005, A-2009, Demonstrations

Runtime: 146 Minutes.

Video-3: A-2002-2008

All Around A-2002-2003, A-2004, A-2005
A-2006, A-2007, A-2008

Runtime: 155 Minutes.

Video-4: A-2001+, Ceremonies

All Around A-2001+, Medal Ceremonies.

Runtime: 152 Minutes.